Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer for our PASTOR SEARCH COMMITTEE

Larry Sullivan has just passed (1:20 p.m. Sept. 27th) – members of the family are arriving. They appreciate prayers for peace and comfort during this time.

The Family of Martha Barham – widow of Dr. H. H. Barham

The Family of J.W. Lanier

Mike Grantham – suffered a mild stroke and is expected to make a full recovery. (Donnie Sipes)

Charlotte Lamberth had surgery last Thursday – has a slight case of pneumonia now – using a breathing machine

Community Prayer Needs: Ralph Lanier-Cornerstone in Corinth / Kenneth Pulse – Magnolia Hospital-Covid / David Kennedy – due to have a procedure

Jimmy & Brenda Conry are both dealing with cancer – please pray for them.

Sandra Cobb – Cataract surgery Oct. 3rd

Eva Sain Family

Sara Harris had biopsies on 9/6 – melanoma found on her arm

Yvette Mott fell and broke her ankle

Jeri Ann Palmer & new baby – baby is now jaundice and has had a 7% weight loss

Bobby Mitchell Grandson-in-law of Beverly Bodiford and husband of Whitney Bass Mitchell – dealing with gastrointestinal issues.

Eddie Bradford brother in law of Mike Johnson is now receiving physical rehabilitation

Levi Vinson 14 yr old grandson of Larry & Charlotte Lamberth to have heart surgery – rescheduled for Oct. 10th at Vanderbilt

Barbara Osses, sister of Faye White, Christian Care Center – under Hospice Care

Helen Gatewood recovering from hip replacement surgery dealing with quite a bit of pain.

Max Lanier recuperating from surgery this past Thursday.

Laura O’Neal Snider as she continues to deal with cancer-had a consultation visit at M.D. Anderson Monday, Sept. 25th.

Janet West throat cancer

J.D. & Faye Moore – J.D. has multiple health issues – Faye is at home but has someone staying with her 9 am to 9 pm.

Peggy Lanier Sutherland – in the Christian Care Center and is need of prayer for her adjustments.

Don Kennedy retired missionary in Mexico – serious health problems – friends of Dr. Frank Crawford & Janet.

Buddy Vickers diagnosed with bladder cancer but does not plan to have surgery at this point

David Craft is at the Christian Care Center in Bolivar

Anne Kenley -continued health issues – delaying knee surgery at this point.