Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer for our PASTOR SEARCH COMMITTEE & BRO. MATT & FAMILY

Bob Davis-brother of Dianne O’Daniel & Rose Watkins fell and is not able to walk – receiving therapy at the Christian Care Center – Bolivar

J.M. Ramsey owner of Ron’s Furniture on Hwy 72 has lung cancer – both lungs are affected as well as his brain.

Margaret Jones former Middleton resident – side effects of cancer – veins are leaking blood-following a doctor visit last week Margaret reported that her IVIG treatment dose was going to be doubled (this is for the capillary leak) – her iron level was up some – almost normal. Please continue to pray for improvements.

James Smith – now home and is much improved.

Alina McCready- friend of Elizabeth Lanier has breast cancer & other serious health problems. She is now receiving physical therapy but still struggling with health issues.

Jim Seago – another attempt to put in a stint yesterday (colon related) New Orleans Hospital

Landon Lanier

Barbara Osses, sister of Faye White, Barbara’s situation remains the same in the Christian Care Center –

Peggy Lanier Sutherland – now back at the Nursing Facility in Adamsville – seems to be dealing with different levels of confusion.